Open Source Offsets is a Benefit Corporation organized to support open source contributions to The Commons. The mission is very simple: We fundraise from financial backers so that open source contributors can continue their work with full-time salaries.

The Board of Directors is made up of people who have been a part of the software world from all sides: design, programming, management, executive, operations, and organizations. Board members have participated, contributed, and lead open source projects and communities, both inside and outside of companies. Collectively, they have decades of experience.

The Board is

The Contributors are the whole reason for Open Source Offsets to exist at all. They’re the reason we’re raising money in the first place. It’s all about them. These are the people who have improved The Commons for all of us in their spare time (nights and weekends). These are the people whose work is used by entire communities.

We can’t say publicly who they are quite yet. (Because we don’t want to out them to their current employers.) But just as soon as we raise the first round of funding to be able to provide two full-time salaries, we’ll announce who they are right here. When we do, you’ll know who they are. You might even be using their software everyday already.

Open Source Offsets is funded entirely by backers like you. We can’t support any contributors without your financial backing. Nearly all of the money comes into Open Source Offsets goes straight to contributors’ salaries. Whenever money is spent on something else, we’ll always be completely transparent about where it went. For example, ongoing legal or accounting fees, SSL/TLS certificates, taxes, etc. We run an intentionally light weight organization to minimize overhead to keep the focus on the contributors.


Back Open Source Offsets

Are you a very big company that uses and benefits from open source at scale? Does your company have a plentiful marketing or outreach budget? If so, you’d be a great fit to become a large backer.


Back Open Source Offsets

Did you start a consultancy a few years ago that’s doing really well now? Did you used to contribute open source code to the community before your shop became so busy and successful?


Back Open Source Offsets

Are you an individual who has benefitted from open source projects? Are you doing well for yourself and feel like you can give back a little? No amount is too small. Every little bit helps.